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          2. 中文版      English      
                JLL(JIELILAI) is a manufacturer specializing in the production of soap and home care products. Its predecessor was Guanghua Chemical Factory founded in 1942, which was transformed into a joint-stock company at the end of 2004. JLL is ranking the 3rd place in the same industry in China for 5 consecutive years since 2004 and  the largest soap OEM manufacture equipped wih most morden machinery in China .
                Situated at Tonggang Road No. 1, Huaian City,Jiangsu Province ,CHINA. Now the annual production capacity of JLL is 1,00,000T Soap.
                JLL produces a wide range soap products:1.Translucent laundry soap 2.Whiten laundry soap 3.Toilet soap 4.Laundry Soap noodles 5.Toilet soap noodles.
                The company has four brands “cowboy”,“crystal” and “jielilai”, “lisheng”, “crystal” and “lisheng” are recognized as China well-known Trademark.
                Oriented to the market and focusing on customers’ benefits, the Company took the lead in passing ISO9001qualityassurance system certification in Chinese soap product industry.
                We will develop JLL into a powerful and intensive company and maintain our leading position. While doing well in domestic markets, we will endeavor to make JLL a world-class company by continuously increasing our product shares in international market

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